Idwallon, King of Brycheiniog
(Born c.AD 560)
(Latin: Ituvellaunus; English: Judwald)

Idwallon was the son of King Llywarch ap Rhigeneu. Little else is known of him, but he may have been on the throne when King Cynan Garwyn and his Powysian army invaded Brycheiniog. It seems the men of Brycheiniog were  totally defeated, for Cynan overran the country and was able to encamp on the River Nedd and threaten Glywysing. He must have recovered control when the Powysians withdrew, for he was succeeded by his son, Rhiwallon, and, eventually, by his grandaughter, Ceindrech, and her husband, King Cloten of Dyfed.

Records of King Idwallon date back to the 13th century. He could be historic.


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