Gwlyddien, King of Dyfed & Brycheiniog
(Born c.AD 600)
(Latin: Wulidianus; English: Gulidian)

Variously called Gwlyddien or Cloten, little is known of this heir of Dyfed, the son of King Nowy Hen ab Arthur. He was a mid-7th century King of Dyfed who managed to secure for himself a highly lucrative marriage to Princess Ceindrych, the heiress of King Rhiwallon ap Idwallon of Brycheiniog. The United Kingdom of Dyfed & Brycheiniog lasted for the next three generations and was not divided again until the death of Gwlyddien's great grandson, King Rhain.

Records of King Cloten date back to the 11th century. He could be historic


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