St. Inabwy
(Born c.AD 530)
(Welsh: Inabwy; Latin: Iunapeius; English: Junipo)

Inabwy appears in the traditional list of Bishops of Llandaff. In fact, he was  probably the 7th Bishop of Ergyng. He was the son of Rhun ab Eneas Ledewig (the Breton), though presumably his grandmother was a previous wife to St. Gwen Teirbron. In his youth, he became a follower of his (probably maternal) cousin, St. Dyfrig, who was somewhat his elder. He joined St. Telio upon his return from Brittany and eventually, at the end of his life, became Bishop of Ergyng, presiding in the very early 7th century. He is known to have founded at least three churches in Ergyng during his episcopacy: Llanloudy, Llanbudgualan (Ballingham) and Llandinabo.

Records of St. Inabwy date back to the 6th century. He is generally considered historic.


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