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Bishops of Ergyng, Teilo & Llandaff
A Pre-Conquest Listing

The traditional listing of the early 'Bishops of Llandaff' is somewhat corrupt. EBK presents a suggested correction based on the works of Doble, Davies & Bartrum. 

The foundations of the church in South-Eastern Wales was laid by St. Dyfrig in the mid-6th century. He was bishop for the Kingdom of Ergyng from his monasteries at Hentland and Moccas, though his exact title is unknown. Legend says that he helped his disciple, St. Teilo, build the first cathedral at Llandaff and is thus listed as its first bishop. Teilo is said to have succeeded him in this office, followed by his nephew, Euddogwy, and a succession of subsequent bishops down to the Norman Conquest. However, the next ten bishops in the list are displaced chronologically and, from their associations in the Llandaff Charters,  appear to represent a list of Bishops of Ergyng and/or Gwent, perhaps with a centre at Welsh Bicknor, Kenderchurch or Glasbury. Furthermore, it has been clearly demonstrated that, in reality, Dyfrig and Teilo were not connected with Llandaff, nor probably with one another. The first church there may have been founded by Euddogwy. All traditions of St. Teilo originate from his abbey at Llandeilo Fawr, the home of a bishopric which appears to have been independent of Ergyng until the two merged, possibly around AD 900 (although perhaps as early as AD 650). The bishop's cathedra remained at Llandeilo and he was referred to as 'Bishop of Teilo'. The bishop's cathedral and his associations with St. Teilo were transferred to Llandaff some time before the early 11th century, possibly after the death of Bishop Nobis in AD 874. Rhodri Mawr had just inherited the Kingdom of Seisyllwg and his interference at Llandeilo may not have been welcomed. Only eleven years later, King Hywel ap Rhys of Glywysing (the kingdom in which Llandaff lay) submitted to the overlordship of King Alfred the Great of England and there is a tradition that this was preceded by the submission of his bishops to the Archbishop of Canterbury, at least nominally. The bishop installed in about AD 929 certainly seems to have had a Saxon name and, in AD 982, Bishop Gwgan was consecrated by St. Dunstan, at the very end of his career. Formal submission did not occur until 1107. Records of 'Archbishops' of Llandaff were merely a reaction to similar claims to archiepiscopal status by the Bishop of St. David's. The diocese originally followed Celtic teachings, but in 777 adopted Roman Catholicism.

Bishops of Gwent & Ergyng
Dyfrig (St.) Dubricius c. 520-550 retired to Bardsey
Gwrfan Curbanus c. 550-580
Elwystl Elgistilus c. 580-595
Arwystl Argwistilus c. 595-600
Aeddan (St.) Aidanus c. 600-608
Ufelfyw Ubelvinus c. 608-620
Inabwy (St.) Iunapeius c. 620-625
Comereg Comericius c. 625-650 previously Abbot of Moccas
Unknown c. 650-730
Gwrfan Curvanus c. 730-770
Unknown c. 770-840
Grecielis Grecielis c. 840-860
Gwodloyw Vodlouius c. 860-867
Hedilfyw Edilbinus c. 867-900

Bishops of Teilo, later Bishops of Llandaff
Teilo (St.) Teliaus c. 550-595
Unknown c. 595-650
Euddogwy (St.) Oudoceus c. 650-700
Berthwyn Bertvinus c. 700-745 Bishop of Teilo
Terchan Tercanus c. 745-759
Cadwared Catvaretus c. 759-785
Unknown c. 785-862
Cerenhir Cerenhirus c. 862-872
Nobis Nobis c. 872-874 Bishop of Teilo; also Bishop of St. Davids
Nudd Nudus c. 874-882 possibly 1st Bishop of Llandaff
Cyfeiliog Cimeliaus c. 882-927 previously Abbot of Llanilltud Fawr
Llibio Libiaus c. 927-929
Wulfrith Gulfridus c. 929-945
Pater Patrus c. 945-960
Gwgan Cogvanus c. 960-982
Marchlwyd Marcluitus c. 982-993
Bledri Bledrius 993-1022
Joseph Josephus 1022-1046 Bishop of Teilo
Tremerig Tremericus 1046-1056
Herewald Herevaldus 1056-1107 Bishop of Teilo, at Llandaff


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