Owain, Kings of Dyfed
(Latin: Eugenius; English: Owen)

Owain was the younger son of King Maredudd ap Tewdws of Dyfed and succeeded to the throne of his brother, Rhain, in 808. He died in 811, when the Throne was probably inherited by his nephew, Rhain's son, Tryffin. He would have been the last King of Dyfed of the House of Allmuir. Owain had one child, a daughter called Tangwystl, who married a low-born individual called Bledrig who may have later claimed the Throne himself. They were the parents of Hyfaidd who became King of Dyfed, in the mid-9th century.

Records of King Owain date back to the 10th century. He is an historic personage.


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