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Sir Dodinel le Savage
Arthurian Literary Character

Sir Dodinel was called 'the Wild' because he liked to hunt game in the Forest and thus often lived in the Wilderness. He had a home in the Shrieking Marshes. He was the son of King Belinant of Sugales by his own niece, apparently  the Lady of Malehaut; and his paternal uncle was King Cradelmant of Norgales. Dodinel fought with Arthur in the Saxon Wars and became a companion of Sirs Gawain and Yvain. He was with the latter when Sir Calogrenant captivated his audience with stories of the adventures to be had in the Broceliande Forest. King Arthur knighted Dodinel for his services and he became one of the Queen's Knights. He was amongst Guinevere's company when she was kidnapped by King Meleagant of Summerland and is also recorded as going a-Maying with her. When promoted to a Knight of Round Table, he is said to have become the ninth in greatness of arms. He often rode with his friend, Sir Sagremore, but his adventures were mostly unfortunate and led to his imprisonment: at Dolorous Guard, Castle Langrée and the Forbidden Hill. He intended to fight for King Arthur at the Battle of Camlann, but, before he was able, he was killed in a fight with Sir Gareth. His son, Carduin, later avenged his death.


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