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In the tale of "Erec and Enid" in the works of Chrétien de Troyes, are listed a number of the Knights at King Arthur's Court including the ten greatest in the land: 

  • Gawain, the first
  • Erec the son of Lac, the second
  • Lancelot of the Lake, the third
  • Gornemant of Cohort, the fourth
  • The Handsome Coward, the fifth
  • The Ugly Brave, the Sixth
  • Meliant of Liz, the seventh
  • Mauduit the Wise, the eighth
  • Dodinel the Wild, the ninth
  • Gandelu, the tenth
  • Eslit
  • Briien
  • Yvain son of Urien
  • Yvain of Loenel
  • Yvain the Bastard
  • Yvain of Cavaliot
  • Garravain of Estrangot
  • The Knight with the Horn
  • The Youth with the Golden Ring
  • Tristan
  • Bliohleheris
  • Brun of Piciez
  • Grus the Wrathful
  • The Armourer
  • Karadues the Short-Armed
  • Caveron of Robendic
  • King Quenedic's son
  • The Youth of Quintareus
  • Yder of the Dolorous Mount
  • Gaheriet
  • Kay of Estraus
  • Amauguin
  • Gales the Bald
  • Grain
  • Gornevain
  • Carahes
  • Tor the son of King Ares
  • Girflet the son of Do
  • Taulas
  • Loholt the son of King Arthur
  • Sagremor the Impetuous
  • Bedoiier the Marshal
  • Bravain
  • King Lot
  • Galegantin of Wales
  • Gronosis son of Kay the Seneschal
  • Labigodes the Courtly
  • Count Cadorcaniois
  • Letron of Prepelesant
  • Breon the son of Canodari
  • The Count of Honolan


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